Hydraulic modeling

At LNH water, we are experts in hydraulic modeling with a focus on analysis and understanding of complex systems in relation to strategic planning and climate adaptation of drainage systems. In addition to the classic hydraulic modeling in pipe models and on the surface (1D, 1D-1D, 1D-2D), we offer advice and specially designed quantitative analyzes, which provide an overview and insight into the functionality of the drainage system at a system level. Our analyzes provide a better understanding of the flow dynamics in the drainage system and make it possible, among other things, to identify areas with capacity problems / excess capacity in the current infrastructure. This helps to ensure a solid basis for a cost-effective and sustainable use and development of the drainage system.

In connection with the work with hydraulic modeling, we are specialists in the use of the most common commercial software packages, including MIKE URBAN / FLOOD and SWMM. In addition, we develop our own specially designed and tailored hydraulic calculation models and smaller tools, often in close collaboration with our customers.

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