LNH water develops its own software programs for data management and model building. We develop both general software programs, and specific programs according to the individual customer's needs and requirements.

MOPS - Model Development System

MOPS is a tool for handling data, generating submodels and model reduction in connection with building pipe models. The main purpose of MOPS is the handling of data and models for management strategies, climate adaptation, cloudburst projects, renovation, water plans and when separating sewerage systems.

MOPS is developed as a Microsoft Access database. MOPS has been implemented in several of the largest utility companies in Denmark.

Contact Lina Nybo Jensen or Nanna Høegh Ravn for more information or for a physical presentation of MOPS.


Tool for selecting rain from KMD files containing precipitation measurements from the Wastewater Committee's rain gauge system (SVK). Individual rain events can be selected i.a. based on intensities, volume, and accumulated volume. Furthermore, a job list is prepared for LTS calculations (long-term simulations) and the original KMD files are compressed for a more efficient workflow. KENY is a free “open source” tool, which allows you to implement additional functionality as well as incorporate any corrections.

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