Nanna Høegh Ravn

Nanna Høegh Ravn, co-owner of LNH water, has many years of experience in hydrodynamic modeling in integrated systems and optimization of drainage systems using real-time control. She has worked with climate adaptation strategies and the development of decision support tools and has extensive experience in teaching and disseminating knowledge about drainage systems. Nanna specializes in integrated solutions in drainage systems, treatment plants and recipients using the most modern calculation methods and the latest knowledge in the fields.


1997 Civilingeniør (MSc), Aalborg Universitet.

Per Skougaard Kaspersen

Per Skougaard Kaspersen, Senior Specialist at LNH water, has 10 years of experience in research and innovation as well as analysis and use of a wide range of geographical data for use in relation to flood modeling and runoff analyzes in urban areas. This includes, among other things, detailed mapping of fortified areas for use in drainage system models as well as damage calculations and CBA in connection with climate adaptation to floods from both cloudbursts and storm surges. Per has extensive experience as a project manager and has been responsible for and participated in a large number of national and international research and innovation projects. During his time at DTU, Per has helped to build and led several M.Sc. courses and shorter workshops in the areas of GIS and climate adaptation.


2016 PhD, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU).

2010 Geografi og Geoinformatik (MSc), Københavns Universitet.

Lina Nybo Jensen

Lina Nybo Jensen, founder of LNH water, has more than 20 years experience within hydrodynamic modeling for integrated systems Lina has a solid foundation in hydraulic and numerical understanding, and has supported utility companies the past 15 years. Lina has large theoretical and practical knowledge in management of drainage system models, calculation of floods, implementation of measurement campaigns and handling and analyzes of large datasets.


1998 Civilingeniør (MSc), Danmark Tekniske Universitet (DTU).

Karin Löf Drenck

Karin Löf Drenck, specialist hos LNH Water, er miljøingeniør med speciale i urbane vandsystemer. Karins force ligger indenfor hydraulisk modellering af afløb og LAR-elementer, programmering og automatisering af processor.


2021 Miljøingeniør (MSc), Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU).

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