LNH water regularly participates in national and international scientific and subject-specific conferences, and also contributes to various types of publications, including reports and scientific articles. Below you can see a number of selected publications to which one or more of LNH water’s employees have contributed.

Beyond the stage-damage function: Estimating the economic damage on residential buildings from storm surges (2020). Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 1-24.

A combined remote-sensing and flood-modelling approach for assessing the impacts of urban development and climate change on exposing European cities to pluvial flooding (2019). Geophysical Research Abstracts 21.

Decomposing the cascade of uncertainty in risk assessments for urban flooding reflecting critical decision-making issues (2018). Climatic Change 151 (3-4), 491-506.

Integrated climate change risk assessment: A practical application for urban flooding during extreme precipitation (2017). Climate Services 6, 55-64.

Comparison of the impacts of urban development and climate change on exposing European cities to pluvial flooding (2017). Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 21 (8), 4131-4147.

Initial Conditions for Urban Rainfall-Runoff Models Using the Modified Horton’s Infiltration Model and Historical Rainfall Data (2017). International Conference of Urban Drainage, Prague 2017

Developing Fast and Reliable Flood Models (2016). Novatech, Lyon France

Impacts of urban development and climate change in exposing cities to pluvial flooding (2016). PhD thesis, Per Skougaard Kaspersen, DTU.

Using Landsat vegetation indices to estimate impervious surface fractions for European cities (2015). Remote Sensing 7 (6), 8224-8249.

Urban Flood Risk Assessment – Climate Data, Economics and Uncertainties (2014). Water & Soil 21 (3), 106-111.

A cookbook for analyzes of the effects of climate change on urban flooding RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATION PROJECT NO. 19 (2011). DANVA, Greve Forsyning A/S, Vandcenter Syd, PH-Consult and DHI.

Optimization and control in the drainage system in Kolding (2010). Wastewater technical journal 2010-1.

Development of a screening method to assess flood risk on Danish national roads and highway systems (2010). NOVATECH 2010.

Implementation and design of a RTC strategy in the sewage system in Kolding, Denmark (2010). NOVATECH 2010.

Climate change management in drainage systems – A “Climate Cookbook” for adapting to climate changes (2010). NOVATECH 2010.

Urban Flooding Assessment (2008). 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 2008.