Lina Nybo Jensen

Lina Nybo Jensen, founder of LNH water, has more than 20 years of experience in hydrodynamic modeling in integrated systems. With a solid foundation in hydraulics and numerical understanding, Lina has over the past 15 years advised supplies and for longer periods taught at DTU. Lina has a great deal of theoretical as well as practical knowledge in handling drainage models, calculating floods, implementing measuring systems and handling and organizing large amounts of data.


1998 Civil engineer (MSc), Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Nanna Høegh Ravn

Nanna Høegh Ravn, co-owner of LNH water, has many years of experience in hydrodynamic modeling in integrated systems and optimization of drainage systems using real-time management. She has worked with climate adaptation strategies and development of decision support tools and has extensive experience in teaching and disseminating knowledge about drainage systems. Nanna specializes in integrated solutions in drainage systems, treatment plants and receivers using the most modern calculation methods and the latest knowledge within the fields.


1997 Civil Engineer (MSc), Aalborg University.

Karin Löf Drenck

Karin Löf Drenck, specialist at LNH Water, is an environmental engineer specializing in urban water systems. Karin’s strength lies in hydraulic modeling of drains and LAR elements, programming and automation of the processor.


2021 Environmental Engineer (MSc), Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

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