Strategic planning and climate adaptation of urban drainage systems

About us

LNH water Aps is a small consulting engineering company specializing in the latest methods in strategic planning and climate adaptation of drainage systems. It is central to the value of strategy plans and numerical calculation models that ownership and competencies are anchored in the administration / company that is to administer and manage the projects and development. Based on this, knowledge sharing, teaching, training and mentoring schemes are key elements in our services.

LNH water was established by Lina Nybo Jensen in 2008 with the aim of providing specialist advice in close collaboration with its customers.

Our competencies

At LNH water, we are experts in the development and application of quantitative tools for strategic overview and analysis of complex drainage systems. We do innovative method and software development based on our customers' needs, and gives high priority to knowledge building among our customers.


Software for data management, generation of submodels and model reduction in connection with the construction of pipe models. Core features include importing and updating line registration, implementing scenarios, and exporting hydraulic models for Mike Urban, SWMM, and QGIS. Several of the largest utility companies in Denmark use MOPS for strategic planning.

Impervious surface mapping

At LNH water we are experts in mapping impervious surfaces in very high spatial resolution for use in runoff analyses in relation to hydraulic modeling. In our mapping, we combine many different data types, including aerial images and topographic data (all publicly available), and we apply different types of spatial analysis methods to ensure the best possible result.

Teaching and mentoring

LNH water offers specially designed teaching courses in the areas of GIS (QGIS and ArcGIS), drainage system models and hydraulic modeling. In addition, we work with mentoring schemes and structured training in relation to our core services as part of our focus on knowledge sharing and building competencies with our customers.

Hydraulic modeling

We work with hydraulic modeling with a strong emphasis on understanding complex systems in relation to strategic planning of drainage systems. In addition to the classic hydraulic modeling in pipe models and on the surface, our services also include supporting analyses, including measurement programs, measurement of rainwater basins and flood damage calculations.