Strategic planning and climate adaptation of urban drainage systems

Everything we work with at LNH water supports our overall mission, which is to provide the best advice within strategic planning and climate adaptation of drainage systems. It is central to us that we support a cost-effective, climate-adapted and environmentally friendly development of future drainage systems. To support this, we develop and use methods and software in a number of related areas, including hydraulic modeling, measurement programs, surface mapping and digital surveying of rainwater basins. In particular we focus on analyzes and tools which provide an overview and contribute to increased understanding of complex systems at many different levels of detail. Based on this, we have, among other things, developed the software MOPS (Model Development System), which is a tool for handling data and models for drainage system models, including management strategies, climate adaptation, cloudburst projects and area plans.

We see it as crucial that competencies and knowledge are rooted in the administration / company that administers and manages the projects, which is why teaching, knowledge sharing and mentoring schemes are key elements in our advice. In this way, we support that the good solutions are future-proof.

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